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I always say that I was born with an entrepreneurial heart. Even more so, a creative one! When I began venturing into the world of photography as a sophomore in high school, I had an amazing photojournalism teacher who taught me all the workings of a DSLR. I fell head over heels with it. I had always been creative, but this was it. I found my space, my art form. And later, when I was the wee age of 18, I knew it was time to begin a business out of it. But WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? ! Defeated, I began a part time job at a tea shop in a new brand new city, wondering If I would ever reach my dream.


Since then, I have had some amazing mentors and learning experiences while running a small creative business. I have had some good cries, and even greater laughs. This business is surprising, rewarding and beautiful in every way! I have a huge heart for educating and empowering other entrepreneurs (or aspiring ones) that are in the same place I was in when I was 18 : confused, overwhelmed and at a loss of what to do.


If this is you, I would love to chat! Talk to me, friend!

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