Our Wedding Update #4 : less than 3 Months away!


Well, we are literally 82 days away from our wedding day. WHATTTTT?!

It has blown by, and I can’t really believe it. I have a really busy spring and I know it will go by even faster now!

You guys love updates on our planning and I have been kind of the worst at giving them consistently, but its here!! Our 4th wedding update.

SOOO here is what we have now:

  • I had my very first bridal shower where my friend, Lauren killedddddd it on the decor and cheese board! I have the best friend ever, guys.

  • Invitations are sent out

  • we are picking our wedding music with our awesome DJ this month

  • still in search for a greenery wall, and I have decided to MAKE ONEEEEEE!! I seriously haven’t had any luck in finding one to rent or buy for less than $500 in the western NC area. So DIY it is. Stay tuned!

  • I finally booked my wedding flight!

  • I bought the prettiest little ring box to store my band and engagement ring in together

  • We signed on an apartment!!! This was such a fun process and we did not think the one we signed would even be an option!!! But it was. And I can’t wait to move in. I move in before the wedding the week before Cody graduates to get everything settled for us! It is going to be SO FUN!!

  • My wedding dress came in. And you guys… Let’s chat about this one. I know this is supposed to be a magical experience. But the truth is, I know it isn’t for everyone. And it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVEEEE my dress. It just doesn’t fit :)))

    You see, when I tried it on and ordered it back in October, I was about 10 pounds lighter than I am currently. As many of you know I take anxiety medication that I began just before my dress search. A side affect of my lovely medicine is weight gain. It kind of wrecks my metabolism and makes me hungry ALL the time. I am working on this. I work out all the time now and eat as healthy as I can! I have lost 5 pounds since my dress came in and I realized it was too small. IT has been so difficult to do even that! There have been lots of tears shed, but I told myself I would give myself until my alterations appointment.. Then I was making my dress fit ME. This is where I am right now, and I feel healthier and stronger than ever. I am happy and so proud of my body! So, letting my dress out an inch isn’t the end of the world.

That’s pretty much everything! You honestly probably won’t get another update until our wedding blog post :) Because it will be here before we know it!!!

Prayers are so appreciated. And I have had so many request our registry information, which is so sweet and such a blessing. So for those interested:

Here is our Zola registry

Here is our Target registry

Here is our Crate & Barrell registry

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