We are ENGAGED!!! | Our Wedding Update: Month 1

Whewwwww! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged something around here!! Blogging is one of those things (for me) that gets shoved away somewhere in the middle of client emails, editing, social media etc. BUT I really want to start again. AND with a wedding planning update! Want to make this a monthly thing. In this season, I want to do this for me. To keep track of all that God is doing and to remember this special time! Because it is so so sweet. I love calling Cody my fiancé! He is the most amazing and loving man, and I can't wait to be his wife!!!

SO - Cody & I got engaged on August 22nd. We were at my family’s bay house, and I was thinking we were there for a going away trip for my brother who just went into the army!! Days before this trip, I started to wake up every morning and did my hair and make up thinking that it was THE day! LOL Most days, it wasn’t the day. But then it was the happiest one of my entire life! Cody proposed on one knee as we were just leaving the house. I cried and said yes before he even asked! He gently reminded me that he needed to say some stuff  and put the ring on my finger ;) I was so shocked and overwhelmed with joy!!!

Now, we have been engaged for about a couple of weeks! And da da da daaaaaa!!!

 We are planning on a June 1st wedding

And I am kickstarting our planning process! Here’s what we have so far (the details you’ve all been waiting for!) :

- June 1st, 2019 we will marry in the mountains of Western North Carolina on a piece of land that has been in my family for generations, and that I spend my early childhood living on! (Every time I say that, I cry!) Here's a picture of the mountain view behind where we are aiming our ceremony spot to be!!

- outdoor ceremony. Tent reception. 

- Kristina Ross is our incredible photographer who we are bringing with us from Texas and both seriously adore! 

- Gourmet burger bar for dinner by the wonderful Farm Burger!

- we will be sharing a first look, but we won’t be writing our own vows #introverts ;)

- I made our own save-the-dates! Bride tip: since I know you all aren’t a wiz in photoshop (not saying I’m a wiz. Just been doing this a while!!), try purchasing a digital invitation suite from Etsy and print it through places like vista print or Moo!! Saves you some serious $$$$ 

- We booked our Montreal, Quebec Honeymoon!!!! Woooo! This city has so much French culture and I am pumped to visit a new part of Canada! We wanted something different than the typical tropical destination!

- Currently in the process of booking our rentals. (Tent, linens, tables, chairs, plates, flatware etc) We have a lot, since we aren’t at a venue! 

- Dress shopping appointments are made for later this month at Lovely Bride & Unbridaled! Eeeek! 

And finally, here is a general theme of florals and colors that we are going for:

That's all for now, folks :) Till next month!!!