New Service | Brand Subscriptions

I am seriously thrilled to announce that we are now offering BRAND SUBSCRIPTIONS to our wonderful brands we work with!! 

What does this mean?

Well, just like a subscription box, you will choose a plan that works best for you and pay monthly! You ship your products to me at the beginning of every month and get back beautifully styled images every time!! Updated monthly content? Yes please!!

But What are the plans like? 

We have plenty of options for you!! 

6 products per month

3 month subscription - 235 per month 

6 month subscription - 221 per month  (save 10%) 

12 month subscription - 208 per month (save 20%) 

8 products per month

3 month subscription - 325 per month 

6 month subscription - 302 per month  (save 10%) 

12 month subscription - 380 per month (save 20%) 

20 Products per month

3 month subscription - 650 per month 

6 month subscription - 605 per month (save 10%) 

12 month subscription - 560 per month (save 20%)

But what does the monthly fee include?

They include all of your digital images, a personalized online gallery, printing and digital rights, shoot customization, all styling materials, loose ingredients & props. With the exception of any materials that I cannot easily find at the store! If there are any special items you would like included in the photos, those must be shipped with your monthly package! 

Not quite sold... Tell me more about the process!

Once you pick your plan, we will send you a contract that covers the length of your plan. One contract. Automated monthly payments online. Easy peasy. Once you are all booked, I will send a questionnaire outlining your goals and visions to better serve you and your brand! Once we have a goal, you get to ship me your first box of goodies! The box must contain the products for ONE month, a shot list/any special instructions, and any specialty ingredients/items you may want me to style with. Once I receive your package, you will receive your images within 1 week! 

We are so excited about this new offering!! Our brands have been asking, so we are delivering!! 

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a brand subscription, please email with 'brand subscription' in the subject line!