Our Wedding Update #3

Well hey guys!! It’s actually December and almost Christmas, and I literally cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. Since our last wedding update, lots of little things have gotten done, but nothing too big!! Cody and I are mostly just so pumped for June. We can’t wait. We both are just ready for it to be here, but I know they say to soak up this season… So we are!

Sooooo here is what we have gotten accomplished since our last check in :)


We also asked my grandpa to marry us and do our premarital counseling!!! He and my mimi are marriage counselors and he has married all of my cousins and my parents. So special!

We also were given a set of pre marital counseling questions to start us off. I thought I would share them here! They are so good and we can’t wait to answer them!!

And finally, we picked out Cody’s wedding tux :) No photos! You’ll have to wait and see :)

So here ya go!! We plan on doing lots more in the spring. For now, we are enjoying the holidays with our family and friends!!



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