Our Wedding Update #2 (Engagement Picture Sneaks!!!)

Okay guys, I am pumped to share all we have done since September! Full disclosure, I have gotten a lot more done than what is typical at this stage, just because 1. destination wedding 2. we had a wedding planning trip to NC in October to get most things DONE. and 3. … I just really don’t like feeling like I have a zillion things to do!! SO brides, I highly recommend getting the big things done quickly. Why? You can relax and think about fun decor things, resting in the fact that you got all of the vendors booked that you really wanted.

So, here’s what we have so far!!

IMG_7204 2.JPG
  • I purchased my WEDDING DRESS WOOOO!!!! (Thanks Unbridaled Houston!!)

  • We booked our catering, Farm Burger!

  • We booked our videographers, The Crakes!

  • We also picked all of our rentals (Tent, tables, chairs, flatware, plates, etc.)

  • We booked our florist!

  • We secured Cody’s requested Margarita Machine for our reception… (Best fiancé award goes to me because I found one that has two chambers so that we can serve Strawberry ANDDDDDD regular!!)

  • I did my Hair and makeup trial with Melissa and Danielle of POP of Color and Officially booked them! Wooo!

  • We registered with Zola.com!

  • I asked my bridesmaids to stand by my side! Cody is working on asking all of his groomsmen… Men ;)

  • We took our engagements!

  • And finally, we booked our DJ!!! Collective Music Solutions has been amazing and we can’t wait to have them keep our party going!!

Farm Burger Tasting!!

Farm Burger Tasting!!

I know. You may be thinking : “What does she have left to do?!”

Lots. But!! Everyone we need booked is booked and now I am starting to think about the decor and how I am going to walk up this hill in my dress! ;) We also did a little walkthrough of the property we will get married on! See photo below of me standing in THE spot we will marry!! (Everyone say a prayer right now that rain doesn’t even come close to happening!!)

STP-2-2 2.JPG

Finally, Some sneaks of our engagement session with Kristina Ross!!! Eeeeeek!

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