Chicago | 2017

As I prepare to jump on yet, another plane tomorrow morning, I just HAD to share some images form my trip to Chicago! My Cousin, Marlee, invited me last minute on her adventure and I spontaneously said yes!! I love this gorgeous city and we had a blast. I share some iPhone images, so definitely stay tuned until the end. :)

I am no travel blogger, but I am still going to share a few must-dos and places to eat that I LOVED!

First, my hands down favorite place to eat was Dixie.  This unique little spot knows what they're doing with Brunch, y'all. I loved shooting/eating their beautiful food!

Second, Pops for Champagne. This little gem is pricey, but I cannot recommend it enough. Pops is a champagne bar, and if you know me, you know bars aren't my thing. But guys. This place was the cutest!! Like stepping into the 1920s. From the decor, band & old movies playing, to the champagne and service... Such a fun experience all around!! Visit them and ask for Jessica!! 

Lastly on food, Steak 48!! AKA - the reason we went to the city in the first place! Marlee works at the Houston location, and they opened up the Chicago store last week! If you're looking for a fancy date night, this is your place!! In Houston or Chicago, the service and food will be incredible!

My favorite activity we did was visiting the Willis Tower - the views were absolutely insane!!!

A few honorable mentions:

The Architecture Boat Tour (go at sunset/night!!)

Le Colonial (also has houston location)



For Pizza: Giordanos

For a Hot Dog: Find a street vendor, suck it up, and enjoy (see last iPhone pick hahahah)

Also, you MUST visit The Bean, But DO NOT go to movie in the park. It was so so so crowded, I couldn't believe it!!

Like I said, we had so much fun. I loved that our hotel was right in the midst of downtown where so many cute walk-up apartments were. This was one of my favorite things. Everything is so laid back. I can't wait to go back to this beautiful city!!