Emily | Texas A&M Sunrise Senior Session

I'm seeing a reoccurring trend lately when I sit down to write a blog post or Instagram. The first things that comes to my mid when I am reminiscing on sessions is how JOY-filled my clients are. I said a little prayer and thanked God for that. That joy fills my heart right up, friends! It is why I do what I do. And goodness, did Emily have that joy :)

She came to her Senior session right after a fun filled weekend of getting ENGAGED!! WHAT?! I loved this session. Not only because we discussed her big wedding plans, but her college graduation as well. What a blessing to be able to photograph such fun and exciting seasons of life! Especially when two intertwine for one client of mine! I just couldn't get over BOTH sparkly rings on her fingers the whole time :)

Emily thank you for being the sweetest EVER, and a big congrats to you!