Rx Pizza | Salads & Appetizers

If you follow me anywhere, you probably know that I have been working with Rx Pizza on some pretty sweet images. Today I will be sharing some of my favorite Salad + Appetizer images with you, and I think they will seriously make you want to drive there and order some food the second you see them! Literally every single thing I ate (and photographed) was amazing! I do have to point out a couple of favorites, though!!

Their Cobb Salad is to die for. It is so hearty, and delicious... Because you can go wrong with bacon and avocado!

The fried cheese - HEAVEN! Rx does their mozzarella homemade in house, and this is a must-order when you visit them! 

I love this little gem in Downtown Bryan. Rx, it has been such a joy working with them. I can't wait to share the other half of this shoot! Cocktails anyone?!