Daniel + Celeste | The Proposal

I am so incredibly happy to share this blog today. If you follow me on any socials, you have read this sweet couple's proposal story. BUT for those who haven't heard , here it is :

Daniel proposed at the house Celeste grew up in. He mowed a pathway with signs set up that he made and her sisters painted with bible verses that meant something to them as a couple. At the proposal site, he built a wooden cross with flowers. In front of it, they danced to the song that they faced to when he asked her to be his girlfriend. After, he told her how he felt and asked her to be his wife forever!! In a tearful excited yes, she said YES! 

I'm not even done - over to the side, there was a tin filled with water and white table & chairs with a bible, bread & wine. Daniel built Celeste that table as their kitchen table and he wanted their first meal to be taking communion together. He then washed her feet, and after they went back to the cross and kneeled to pray and thank The Lord! He had me there to capture it all, and Celeste's best friend on video!! If you're wondering if I was crying, I definitely was! 

After that, we moved into portraits and then went back to the house where all their friends and family were - He had a surprise party planned for her too! 

What a sweet sweet evening filled with the Holy Spirit. God is so good!