Year in Review & My Word of the Year | 2018

2017 has been so incredibly crazy and wonderful, mixed in with a few hard things! But aren't they all?! ;) Last year, I did a "word of the year" blog post and wanted to continue following that tradition for 2018! Last year's word was 'gratitude', and looking back, I feel like I did a pretty good job of remembering that word and the action of it in most circumstances. Here we are, the last day of 2017, and I am so grateful. I am grateful to God for the means to have been able to give to some incredible charities, including : Imani Collective, Naomi's Village, Samaritan's Purse, The Birthday Party Project and more!!

With the growth my business has had in the last year, it has allowed me to do what I love full time, day in and day out! And I honestly can't even type sentences like that without crying HA! I am just so thankful to be able to do what I love and to do it serving Jesus and others along the way! My heart is FULL!!! 

On the personal side of it all, there have been some crazy things!!! My grandfather's heart attack, my grandmother's stroke, heart attack, lymphoma and now seizures and brain surgery to top the year off! Christmas was spent in a hospital, but we surrounded her with her family and so much love and gratitude that she has made it through it ALL! (Talk about a warrior, guys.) Seeing my mom go through all of this with HER mom has been so hard. But it has also shown me that incredibly strong, beautiful, resilient, fighter women run in my family (On BOTH sides!) I am so blessed with the mom I have and by all the women in my family.

This year, the love of my life did his first internship with Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, and LOVED IT! He's headed back again this summer and honestly, I am such a proud girlfriend. I will always say that one of my favorite things about Cody and I Is that we are complete opposites in our passions, but pursue them hard and to the fullest alongside each other. I just love him :)

I did a styled shoot, I served a bazillion awesome clients, I traveled out of the country, I made new friends, I quit school, I went FULL TIME (still unreal THANK YOU), anxiety symptoms came back and kicked those in the butt again, I hosted my first workshop, cooked a lot of food, shot a LOT of food.. and probably a million more important things.

But my favorite thing has been that I have been able to witness God's wonderful, all consuming GRACE in it all. When I am weak, sinful and down. His Grace is there. It covers me. 

So. That is why........ BA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAA! My word of the year is:


Jesus, help me to be more like you in 2018. Help me to give grace and love to others more freely!! 

I love because you do! 


Cheers to 2018, everyone! May it be filled with hope, love, heath, happiness and GRACE!