Word of the Year & God's Grace

Something I have known deep inside me from a very young age is simple : Jesus loves me. We are told this in our churches on Sundays and in our bible classes as young children. We are told that God sent His son Jesus to die for you and me. That He offers His love and Grace as a free gift to you and me. The wonder and joyful tone I was always told this in caused an amazement in my own self. Jesus loved me. But what did that mean? As a child, it meant that I was special. No amount of kids making fun of my hair or the on-going teasing &  mispronunciation of my last name (It's See - Kah, for those who are curious) could ever be THAT bad. Because Jesus loved me and He died for all of the "bad stuff" in this world!! I believe I have always been His child, but wasn't until my early middle school years that I truly accepted Jesus into my heart, and it would be even later in my High School years that He began to reveal to me what His Grace & Love were all about.

When Jesus began to radically move in my life and business, He seriously moved. Shelby Tsika Photography is 100% for His Kingdom and Glory, not ever my own. It is not about the pretty. It is not about the vendor connections I have or the pretty people I book... When I say that it is about loving and serving the people and being a disciple for Jesus, loving on every soul He brings me through this crazy, amazing business He has allowed to blossom in it's first year... I mean it! He has given me the struggles and the victories I have received to teach me about His loyalty. His Sovereignty. His all consuming love... He has taught me that His plan for my life an business is greater for me in every situation than anything I could ever dream up for myself. Growing this business, I have felt terrified, worrisome,  anxious (unrightfully so, but hey, I am a sinner!) ... But all the while my heart has been filled with greater Joy than you can imagine because He cares for me. And He cares for YOU too, friend!

Now, I don't know if y'all have heard of Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters Powersheets... But they are incredible!! (GO BUY ONE NOW!) When you go through them at the beginning of your year (or whenever you choose to start), you select a Word of the Year. And today I am sharing mine with you all!



Guys, I am striving to be more thankful in 2017. I want to be wholly thankful and joyful for every triumph and struggle given to me. I have chosen this word not because it is easy for me.. It is actually a stronghold of mine. I struggle with cultivating Thankfulness in every day life. But I want to exude thankfulness this year - not only to God, but to every life I touch! I am truly so grateful for everyone that has supported STP since her birth.

I encourage you to select YOUR word of the year - Challenge yourself, write it down, pray over it!

You guys are the best! XOXO





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