August Giving | Animal Defense League of Texas

I am so incredibly sorry to say that my announcement of August's giving is 16 days LATE! Totally my bad. However, I am so excited to announce it today! This months giving was selected by my one and only! (Pictured below). Cody, your heart for animals is one of the many reasons I love you so! Seriously, when you interact with them, I gush over you. It is probably the sweetest thing ever to watch. Thank you for helping me pick an organization for August! I am so excited to help out the organization (and animals) you chose!

This month, STP will be donating 3% of every session booked to The Animal Defense League of Texas! 

| If you don't already know about our mission here at STP and want to learn more, Click Here. |

The Animal Defense League provides a variety of services and resources including:

  • Sheltering of animals, regardless of their conditions when they arrive
  • Complete medical treatment provided to animals under the care of the shelter.
  • Full-time veterinarian and staff who treat all resident animals
  • Low–cost spay/neuter program for pets of low-income families
  • Humane education programs in schools and the broader community
  • Active adoption services to find homes for all the animals taken in by the Animal Defense League

Their Mission

To enhance the quality of life for abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs and cats by providing needed medical care, food, shelter, and safety with compassion and attention until they are adopted.

ead over to their website and show them some love! Or better yet, book with STP this month and help yourself AND the animals! It's a win-win RIGHT?!


Photo by: Kristina Ross Photography