Pure + Radiant | Brand Love & Review

Today is the day!! The day for what, you ask?! Well, it just happens to be the launch day for PURE + RADIANT! I have had the honor (excitement, joy, pleasure, all the positive words) of doing the product shots for this brand and working with the heart and soul behind it, Mrs. Courtney Kahla! (Pictured below)

Courtney is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. If you get anything out of this post, I want it to be that you grasp the love and intention poured and packaged in to each individual product, page, description, blog post, etc. All you have to do is visit her site to see that she has so much heart and truly cares about her products and how she can impact her customer's lives by delivering a 100% natural beauty line that is seriously so luxurious & awesome. I am in love.

I am so incredibly proud to be a part of this brand. Courtney is a major personal inspiration to me, as she is a part of my own clean living journey! I found her original blog earlier this year, and ever since we have been in contact! I love her and everything she stands for.

So Courtney, from me to you: Thank you. Thank you for sharing your passion for honest and clean beauty. Thank you for keeping your life and business Christ-centered. Thank you for teaching me that treating your skin well is a huge part of taking care of the temple I was given by our Creator. Thank you for being one of the sweetest people I have ever met! Congratulations on your big day, love!! Cheers!


Pure + Radiant

Here we are, people! The whole P+R product line. I am going to break down each product and tell you what I like... and what I absolutely LOVE. Spoiler: I honestly love everything, I just have a couple favorites in here that have literally made my Holy Grail of beauty products.

1.) bare + grain it | SCRUB

This one wins best scent. If you like rosemary and tinging sensations on your face, buy this right now. Like go, don't even finish this blog post, BYE! I am being completely honest here, I was skeptical about a salt scrub. I had only heard of sugar scrubs before bare + grain it came in to my life. I was pleasantly surprised at the sensation on my face! Unlike sugar, pink Himalayan salt tingles your face and I can really feel my pores opening up! My favorite way to use this is in the shower on my face and body! (I hope this is an acceptable use, Court!!!)

2.) clear as mud | MASK

If you know me, you know I love a good mask! This one smells great, heals blemishes, and tingles/cools your skin! Buy this, pop it in the fridge, and once it's cold... run yourself a bath and put it on your face for optimal sensation + relaxation. Definitely one of the best clean facial masks on the market! 

3.) skin food | SERUM

This guy comes in 4 different blends! Oily, dry, normal and mature skin types can all benefit from on of P+R's facial serums! I personally have oily skin, so the lemon scented serum is the one for me! It is amazing. The citrus refreshes and balances my skin! These serums really nourish your skin and act as a fantastic base before applying make-up (I only wear a powder + bronzer for the face). Another use that I am actually in love with is rubbing it all over my legs after shaving. I came upon this by forgetting my lotion on a recent vacation, and skin food was all I had! It made my legs feel AH-MAZING! (Again, Courtney, I am so sorry if I am advising the incorrect use of your products! Forgive me! Haha!!!)

4.) mop | TONER

This is liquid GOLD, people. A Holy Grail, for sure. Mop, comes in three blends for oily, sensitive, and normal skin types. All three have the same base ingredient: APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR. AKA: Liquid Gold. The first time I used this, I actually text Courtney, "I can't believe how DIRTY my face was!!! EW!" Here's what you do: pour some of this toner on to a facial round (I recommend these), wipe down you're face and neck, and then look at your round and completely gross out at all the dirt that comes off your face!!! This is such a satisfying product! A+, Court!! 

5.) suds | FACE WASH 

I have saved my favorite product for last! This is also a Holy Grail beauty product for me. I 100% mean this when I say that this is hands-down the best face wash I have ever used. It smells incredible. Does anything get better than a foaming honey + lemon face wash? I think not. I have had issues with acne my entire life, and I can honestly say that after using this wash (with the toner above), I have seen a significant change in my skin. I, of course, will be placing an order today in support of the launch of this brand. If you are curious what I will be ordering, this is it.

Please head over to www.pureandradiant.org today and show my girl some love! Treat YO SELF! xoxo