Confessions of a Young Small Business Owner

AH! Haha, yes it is true! I am back on the STP Blog! Sorry for my absence, I have been on vacation in North Carolina! But I am back with a personal blog for you all today. Below are all real questions I have been asked since I began my wedding + senior photography business. I decided to write them out to humor other young business owners and inform those who are a little puzzled by our unorthodox life timeline and choices!! (Disclaimer: If you have asked me a question below, you have inspired this blog post and I love you!) Here we GO:

"So, are you like a real photographer or?..." Yes, I am a real photographer. My business is registered with the state of Texas, I pay sales taxes, I actually get paid to photograph sessions and weddings... YES! 

"Oh wow! That's so cool that you take so many pictures! Are you just doing this while your in school to pay for your groceries and stuff?" It is so much more than taking pictures. I am putting my everything in to this and I love it! Yes, it pays the grocery bills now, and I want it to forever.

"Why are you stressed out?! It's just posting on social media and taking pictures!" (Hehe, this was a funny one) Oh boy, I wish. Editing, blogging, SEO, gallery upload... and so much more! Also, social media is more difficult now than you'd think. My instas take like 30 minutes to post now because: hashtags, thoughtfulness, captions, choosing the right picture to go with my theme... #marketing

"Okay so what do you want to do after college?" This... 

"Oh so you want to do photography for the rest of your life?" Yes... 

"How much money do you make?" None ya! Hehe, but really this just depends. 

"But is it enough to make an actual living?" YES OMG YES. I have a real job, okay!

"You are so young though... is it illegal for you to actually be charging people?" LOL.

"I can't believe you started this now... why didn't wait?" Well. Because I didn't see the point. I knew I wanted to do this. You don't need a college degree to register a business with the state. And I had some incredible mentors that have taught me tons and helped me kick start this thing!! 

"Do you actually take all the pictures on your website?" Yes. Every single one!

"Even for the food/recipe/personal blogs?" Absolutely!! If you ever wanna see behind the scenes, Snapchat is the place to go. |shelbynicole247|

 Yes, I am a 20 year old business owner. I have built everything you see on this site by myself! (With the exception of my logo. This was lovingly done by my mentor and friend, Hannah Browning.) I am the photographer, designer, editor, blogger, heart, soul, friend, SEO guru, social media strategist, and powerhouse behind Shelby Tsika Photography. I have put countless hours and days into this business. And it is just as much, if not more, work as it sounds. I am passionate about my client experience, personal style, and every piece of work I put out in to the world. To say I love my business is an understatement. I have a lot to learn, but if I could sum up what I know now, its this:

My clients totally rock. Pursuing my passion is the best decision I have ever made. It is okay to be afraid, it keeps you aware. But do not let fear hinder your process. Just do it. It won't come easy, but it is SO worth it. My time is valuable, and it should go to loved ones often. Life and business is all about relationships.

I hope you all enjoyed this wordy, personal post! I will be back NEXT WEEK with a blog on my trip to North Carolina! XO