North Carolina | Summer 2016

Hey there! I hope no one is upset with me! I took a little week long break from blogging in order to develop my Bridal Magazine, catch up on some emails, AND build and stain furniture. Yes, that is totally happening! I will be moving (Not cities, just apartments!!) very soon, and I needed some new pieces! Thank you to all who are unbothered by the break in schedule! With that said, Welcome to my trip to NC! 

Below are some images from our hike to Craggy Gardens! The first day we went was so foggy... Unfortunate for my family!! The next evening mom and I got to go BACK for a bridal session. It was incredible. I haven't released those images yet, but be patient! you will see them soon enough! ;)

Above is me and the beautiful bride! (Thanks mom for the iPhone shot!!) And below is the view. Why did we move to the flatlands, you ask? Good question. I'm just thankful we have family to see and go back regularly!

Below is the center of The Biltmore Mansion! They decorate it for every season, and when we went it was still spring!! SO PRETTY.

Above are the views off of the porch!

One thing you need to know about this place is that the gardens are immaculate. My FAVORITE PART of the entire house. 

I mean look at those giant palm leaves! That was most definitely the incorrect term for the plant, but OH WELL.

This is where this blog post starts to get sentimental. So get ready! The above image is taken from the deck of a family friends house at Mountain Air Country Club ( Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got while I was there. We were too busy hugging people! Mountain Air is where my dad used to be a Pro, and the friendships he and my mom made while he was there are incredible. They are our family, and I love seeing them every time we return to NC. Plus the views here.... CRAZY!

Below is a picture of a house I used to live in, my grandfather used to live in, his father used to live in... and it is still in our family today! It is so beautiful to me. This house and the land that it is on holds my favorite childhood memories! To name one - catching fireflies in the summer at night. They would COVER our yard. Yes, it is just as magical as it sounds!

0-1 copy.jpg

Above is my grandaddy's spot in the garage. Everything is left exactly how it has always been. He passed away almost 2 years ago (I can't believe it has been that long!) He was a husband, father, grandfather, and US Marine. He loved God, family and country. And I have never met a person who knew him that didn't love him. I miss him so much!

Oh Kimmy. I miss you every single day of my life. I often wish I could tell you about all of the things going on in my life! You would be so excited. The bridal shoot on top of a mountain was one for the books, and I wish you could have been with mom and I! Sadly (for me), you couldn't go. So you get the bouquet. Cancer sucks. But because of God's grace and great love, I will see you again! Its been almost nine years, and I honestly don't know where the time went! Save me a place! I love you!


Chloe on the left, Daniel on the right! You both mean the world to me! Dan, you have your mother's eyes and I see her every time I look at you! Chlo, you have her loving personality and her unwavering strength. You just radiate joy! I love you both!

Lauren on the left, Madi on the right! You two are such a mess! Madison, you're confident and beautiful and when you walk in to a room, people know it! I love that about you! Lauren, you are quiet, but your tender heart shines so brightly! You both will do great things in this life! Love you guys!

My sweet Namie and my beautiful mom!! I love you both more than words can say! Thank you so much for being amazing examples of Godly women! I treasure you more than you know!

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