Kale Yeah, Green Juice + The Best Orange Juice Ever

Okay you juicing (or wanna-be juicing) fools!! I'm giving you a little info today on the health benefits of juicing and how I make juice on a weekly basis! I am also including TWO recipes for ya!!! WOOO!! Lets get started.

First of all- I should probably include a disclaimer that in order to juice, you probably need to purchase a juicer... IF you would like to be like me and purchase the one I have, click HERE! The thing with juicers (and a lot of things in this life) is that you get what you pay for!! Mine is on the pricey side, but it was a gift! And I am super cheap! So I did a little research for you guys... and HERE is a link for a cheaper option on Amazon. It has a 4 star review and is only about 60 bucks! I will say though, my juicer is the bomb.com. There is ZERO pulp in the juice you make and it handles apples and carrots like a champ!! 

Now that you've got your juicer, we are gonna go over some health benefits of raw juicing and the importance of purchasing organic! Yay! I am just going to do a brief overview of the benefits, but if you would like to read more on how fantastic raw, organic juice is for your body and be reaffirmed in purchasing organic, click HERE to visit the article on Exhibit Health!

Raw, organic juice is basically liquid gold for your body. Here are just a few AWESOME things it does for you:

-helps to detoxify body

-allows higher consumption of a wider variety of vegetables

-strengthens immune system

-helps with mental alertness

-improves digestion

-increases energy anti-aging

-uplifts mood

-supports the liver

-helps with hormone issues

AND SO MUCH MORE!!! My two go-to recipes are below. I give you guys an awesome green juice and an orange juice with a tropical twist! GET EXCITED.

Kale Yeah, Green Juice!

1 bunch of kale

3 limes (peeled)

1 whole pineapple

3 kiwis

3 green apples

4 medium oranges (peeled)

This green juice is awesome, and my favorite part is the limes. This makes about a gallon of juice and it is incredible! 

The Best Orange Juice Ever

10 medium oranges (peeled)

1 whole pineapple

2 or 3 mangos

This awesome orange juice is a standard in my fridge. I really love it!! 

Really Important QUICK tip for ya, I store ALL of my juices and liquids... and leftovers... and everything! in glass bottles, jugs, and tupperware. Plastic is just NO BUENO. Read about why I have a beef with plastic HERE. Shout out to Mrs. Courtney Kahla for sharing that link on Facebook today!! Check out her health + wellness +  clean beauty blog, Pure + Radiant, HERE. It's pretty awesome. She is also working on a line of her very own clean beauty products that you should DEFINITELY keep your eyes peeled for!! This was slightly off the topic of juicing, but OH WELL. I love her and she deserved the shout out!!

I hope you all LOVE making your own raw juice!! I had so much fun creating these recipes, and once I perfected them, I knew I had to share!! Enjoy!