Springtime Power Bowl

I am over the moon excited to share this recipe with you guys! This is my go-to lunch as of lately! It is seriously delicious. And it will be your new favorite thing in the entire world. Why? Avocado. Enough said.

Before we start, there is something very important to be said. (If you don’t want to hear a speech on why organic produce is the bomb.com and totally worth it, just skip ahead!!) 

The produce, products and spices I use are ALL organic. Here's why:

Non-Organic Farmers Use:

1) Pesticides & Herbicides

2) Contaminated sewage sludge

3) Hormones, Antibiotics, & remains of other animals


Organic Farmers Use:

1) soil that can be used for many generations without non-organic fertilizers

2) soil organisms rather than pesticides

3) recycled livestock manure, organic materials, crop residue

4) crop rotations to control weed growth

SO. If that isn't enough for you to invest in your health and go organic, just go ahead and look up the effects of the dangerous pesticides, chemicals, and hormones used in non-organic produce! That'll get ya! Okay, I'm sorry. Stepping off my soapbox now! On to the recipe:


1/2 cup of canned black beans

1/2 cup of white rice (I mean you could be even healthier and go for quinoa… but just… ew)

1 handful of spinach (Again, you could go for kale to be even healthier… but lets be real. EW)

1 small red potato

1 hard boiled egg 

1 handful of cherry tomatoes

1 Avocado (or 2 or 3… whatever)

2 tsp Pink Himalayan salt

1/2 tsp cayenne 

1 tbsp of cilantro

1/2 lime juice

2 tbsp Tessemae’s Green Goddess Dressing (This is totally optional! But it’s amazing. So you should get this. Go to Kroger or click here. Buy it. If not for this bowl, then for your salads. Now. It has turmeric in it. Which is SO good for you. If you are interested in reading about what turmeric can do for your body, click here.)

Okay!! Now that we’ve got our ingredients, lets move on to assembling your bowl.

**Disclaimer: This is going to be a little informal. Mainly because all you do is throw all of this in a bowl, and you're DONE! But I am going to try my best and walk you through exactly what I do.

First, You're going to need to slice and season your potato. I use half of the salt and half of the cayenne to season. Once that is done, I get that potato in my pot and let that start steaming! I use a pot and a food steamer to do this. While that is going, I then get a small sauce pan and put my rice and 1/2 cup of water in and let that simmer over medium heat with the lid ON. 

(side note, I swear every time I cook rice, it boils over and I have a mess to clean up. Does anyone else do this?!?! No??? What can I say, I’m an imperfect human. Sue me!)

Up next is to hard boil your egg! If you look at my picture, my ‘hard’ boiled egg is runny in the middle. And this is SO GOOD, people! Here’s how I do it: Put your egg in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, take it off your burner and let the egg sit in your pot for about 5 more minutes. After those 5, remove the egg from the hot water and let it cool in a small bowl of cold water. 

Now, while your egg is cooling down, you can begin assembling your bowl! Your beans should already be cooked (If you get the organic canned beans). All I do is put about a half cup in my bowl. Thats it. I don't heat them up or anything. Next, your rice should be done! Toss that in your bowl. Next, Check your potatoes! If they are soft, take them out and toss them in your bowl! At this point, I usually put my spinach in my steamer for 60 seconds with the rest of my salt and cayenne! However, if you'd rather have your spinach raw, you can just toss it in your bow at this time. 

We are almost done, I promise!

Throw in your cherry tomatoes, your hard boiled egg, and lastly…. yes. AVOCADOS. And yes. They get their own picture.


Lastly, squeeze half a lime and sprinkle the cilantro all over your bowl. IF you opted in for the amazing dressing I recommended, drizzle that over top as well! AND BOOM! 


And there you have it, folks!!! Your Springtime Power bowl is done!! And it is BEAUTIFUL... For about five seconds. For optimal flavor, smash everything together with your fork and dig in. (Hehe I try to keep it real with you guys!) I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Like I said, this is a go-to in my life right now. If you like this recipe, let me know! Comment, share it, like it.. And definitely subscribe so you never miss a post!