Emma + Joey

Oh man. I am so happy to blog this shoot for you all to see!! Get ready for whimsical, bright & airy light and beautiful greenery! Spring is here, my friends. And this sweet couple’s shoot is so gorgeous! Before you start scrolling down to look at the pretty pictures and just click off, let me give you a little back story on Emma & Joey and how I came to know them. Joey lives with Cody, so I’ve known him since move-in day! His girlfriend, Emma, attends the University of Arkansas. I met her when she came down for the Texas A&M vs. Alabama game last football season! Emma & Joey are far apart most of the time. But, I swear, just watching this couple interact with each other, you can tell that they love each other so much! I mean, you’ll see. It will probably jump off of your screen at you!! When delivering the pictures to Emma, I told her that she has one of the most genuine smiles I have ever photographed. And that could not be more true! It’s pretty contagious! And Joey handled pictures like every guy should! The whole shoot he had to make sure his hands were in the right place and he was posed correctly! And he was SO happy to be there!! Guys, take note. Pictures go so much smoother if you are pleased to be there! So, yes, basically what I’m telling you is that these two are absolute pros at this. I could not be more pleased with them and the images we created together!!