Road Trip to Magnolia Market

Yes. You read the title correctly. This blog is ALL about the beautiful Magnolia Market! Flash back to two weeks ago:

I was curled up on the couch on one of my Fixer Upper binges. Probably thinking about how Joanna is a genius and that everything she touches turns into shiplap and pure gorgeousness.

I sent Cody a text that read, “You know. It would be so cool to visit Magnolia Market. I love Chip and Joanna.” 

Cody responded with, “Yeah! That would be really cool. You know Waco is only an hour and a half a way, right?” 

WHAT?!?! Now, you all must know that I am directionally challenged. In my mind, Waco was like 6 hours away from College Station. (I know… Like I said. Directionally challenged.) I could not believe that for about 6 months I have lived only an hour and a half away from Chip and JoJo. And I had STILL not been to Magnolia Market! This had to change. And with that, I began obsessing over when we could make this road trip happen!! We wanted to go, but we knew weekends would be so crowded. So we checked our schedules and made it happen on a Monday! Sometimes in the midst of jobs, classes, and life, you have to stop for a second and realize what you're going to remember about your life 50 years from now. Will it be that Monday afternoon you spent studying, OR the times you said, “It’s a Monday. I know I have class at 5:45 PM… But we can make it back in time… right?” (LOL) With all of that said, here is a look into our trip:

We started by getting something to eat because after the drive, we were starving! I have heard many good things about this little food truck. (one of the many that you can choose from at the food truck park!) This was our first experience eating crepes and my gluten free club crepe was DELICIOUS! Cody enjoyed his regular crepe as well! So overall, Co-Town Crepes= 5 stars!! We ate under the old silos while the song 'Indescribable' by Chris Tomlin was filling the air. Perfect afternoon!

The picture below is something I am SOOOOO excited for. There is going to be a garden and a garden shop opening soon at the market! I was dying to take a walk through it. It is already gorgeous and they aren't even finished yet! We are definitely going to have to go back once this opens up.

I did get my flower fix, though! Walking through Magnolia was blissful. Everything is hand picked by JoJo herself! I swear that woman is so talented! I wanted to buy every single thing in the market. At one point, I turned to Cody and said, "Babe, our house one day is going to look like Joanna Gaines threw up in it!! It will. Is that okay with you?!" He is used to my weird humor. I'm so thankful he thinks I'm funny!! 

Okay. I have a confession. This blog isn't ONLY about Magnolia Market. After our visit to Magnolia, we stopped by a shop close by. The Findery might have been my favorite part about our trip to Waco! This little shop is incredible! I mean look how cute the building is! These guys have everything from clothing to candles to custom made farmhouse tables! This two-story gem is a must-visit if you're ever in the area.

Yes, The image below is PAINT! How cute is the packaging?!?! I'm obsessed. Linking their brand here.

That wraps up today's blog guys! Thanks so much for stopping by. Like what you see? Let me know! Share, comment, like and subscribe!