Jared + Leah | A Boho-Inspired Austin Wedding at Mercury Hall

I stared out my car window at the POURING rain when I arrived at Mercury Hall on this beautiful couple's wedding day. I asked myself: "HOW am I going to do this!?" But we did it. Weeeeee did it! Oh, this day. Reliving these images make my heart oh so happy! Jared & Leah centered their day around our loving Father and graced every happening with prayer and thankfulness to Him! These are the wedding days I love being a part of! It didn't matter that it rained almost every second, or that big changes had to be made to the timeline & venue... What mattered was what everyone was actually there for! 

Fun fact: All outdoor portraits consisted of me holding an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other because it was SPRINKLING the entire time!! I know, crazy. But Leah handled it so well! Girlfriend was barefoot the whole day, even outside!

Instead of a normal bouquet toss, Leah wanted to give flowers to all of the single women that came out on to the dance floor. She then asked all the married women to come and pray over them and their walk to finding their own life partner. TEARS! I cried 4 times on this incredible wedding, and rightfully so!! Enjoy! XO