My 'Why'

It seems like just yesterday that I was that 15 year old girl learning what DSLR meant and taking pictures of plants and my sister (when she would let me), just dreaming of 'one day.' To me, my 'one day' was going to come after I got my bachelors degree in business from Texas A&M. And definitely after I got married, because I wanted to be in a "permanent" place to start a business and be fully equipped with life experience and the security of a husband and a big 'ole Aggie degree... Well if you are familiar with my life at the moment, you know that did NOT happen. None of it. Not one thing. God had much bigger and better plans for me. SO much bigger and greater than I could have imagined for myself at 20 years old. 

I began my business after high school - A year of not knowing what to do with my college career, I moved to College Station & began my business. (Yeah, like what? It was terrifying.)

YES - I am almost done with my small business management degree, but it is from Blinn online! 

I am not even engaged! My sweet man is my biggest supporter and currently pursuing his dream at Texas A&M. We are so blessed to be able to live and love in his college town while we are following our dreams!

My little business has taken off exceedingly, abundantly above anything that I would have expected after my very first year... all without that "security" I thought I needed! 

Today, in celebration of STP turning ONE, I just want to get a little serious and share my heart and my 'WHY' with you all. 

I have been reading (listening to, actually. Yes, audio book nerd here...) The Magnolia Story (ITS SO GOOD) And as I listened to Joanna talk about how with her first little business venture, it was never about marketing for her. It was never about having the prettiest signs. (Her first open sign was too small to fit the word 'open' so the 'N' was written smaller and beneath the 'OPE'). And it was never about how much money they could make! She and Chip did things solely for God and bringing His glory through pursuing His purpose for their life. And because of that, that little Magnolia shop flourished, despite the open sign, their complete lack of an advertising budget and little to no money in the bank. To me, that is so incredibly inspiring. And JUST how I like to think of my little business. NOT that I expect to ever become as huge as chip and jojo! But I just know in my heart of hearts that this is what I am meant to be doing. God has made that so evidently clear in my life in more ways than one. This past year I have looked up and asked more times than one, "What is happening? You want this to actually take off now?! WHAT AM I DOING." 

Above all, Christ is the very center of every single tiny aspect of my life. I want to love people and share His love. That is my ultimate goal! And I honestly believe that because of that, He will use me for His glory... and He apparently wanted my business to be a part of that! And I've got to say, I like where He is leading me with it so far! 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following along on my journey! I can't wait to see what year 2 has to offer!

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