Bridal Beauty

I could NOT be more excited to share these images with you guys. This gorgeous girl married my cousin yesterday!  I actually got the privilage of being a bridesmaid, and the wedding was so beautiful and sweet! Paxton and I have been friends since middle school and it was such a cool experience being able to help her out with some portraits and stand next to her on her big day! But seriously, lets talk about these bridals. Paxton and I met up at her venue in Brookshire, Texas and she got her makeup done in the bridal suite while I walked around and got ring/detail shots. Makeup took a little longer than expected, so we were a tad crunched for time. It had us literally chasing the light! But It was no big deal because OH MY GOSH. I am just going to let the images speak for themselves. 


This is by far my favorite image. My inspiration for this came from one of my heroes in the world of photography. Her name is Katelyn of Katelyn James Photography, and I am pretty sure she has no idea I exist. HOWEVER, I absolutely love her work and her story. She has mastered the art of creating beautiful frames for her images by shooting through nature. So thank you, Katelyn, for inspiring me on this one!