Our Wedding Update #3

Well hey guys!! It’s actually December and almost Christmas, and I literally cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. Since our last wedding update, lots of little things have gotten done, but nothing too big!! Cody and I are mostly just so pumped for June. We can’t wait. We both are just ready for it to be here, but I know they say to soak up this season… So we are!

Sooooo here is what we have gotten accomplished since our last check in :)


We also asked my grandpa to marry us and do our premarital counseling!!! He and my mimi are marriage counselors and he has married all of my cousins and my parents. So special!

We also were given a set of pre marital counseling questions to start us off. I thought I would share them here! They are so good and we can’t wait to answer them!!

And finally, we picked out Cody’s wedding tux :) No photos! You’ll have to wait and see :)

So here ya go!! We plan on doing lots more in the spring. For now, we are enjoying the holidays with our family and friends!!



Our Wedding Update #2 (Engagement Picture Sneaks!!!)

Okay guys, I am pumped to share all we have done since September! Full disclosure, I have gotten a lot more done than what is typical at this stage, just because 1. destination wedding 2. we had a wedding planning trip to NC in October to get most things DONE. and 3. … I just really don’t like feeling like I have a zillion things to do!! SO brides, I highly recommend getting the big things done quickly. Why? You can relax and think about fun decor things, resting in the fact that you got all of the vendors booked that you really wanted.

So, here’s what we have so far!!

IMG_7204 2.JPG
  • I purchased my WEDDING DRESS WOOOO!!!! (Thanks Unbridaled Houston!!)

  • We booked our catering, Farm Burger!

  • We booked our videographers, The Crakes!

  • We also picked all of our rentals (Tent, tables, chairs, flatware, plates, etc.)

  • We booked our florist!

  • We secured Cody’s requested Margarita Machine for our reception… (Best fiancé award goes to me because I found one that has two chambers so that we can serve Strawberry ANDDDDDD regular!!)

  • I did my Hair and makeup trial with Melissa and Danielle of POP of Color and Officially booked them! Wooo!

  • We registered with Zola.com!

  • I asked my bridesmaids to stand by my side! Cody is working on asking all of his groomsmen… Men ;)

  • We took our engagements!

  • And finally, we booked our DJ!!! Collective Music Solutions has been amazing and we can’t wait to have them keep our party going!!

 Farm Burger Tasting!!

Farm Burger Tasting!!

I know. You may be thinking : “What does she have left to do?!”

Lots. But!! Everyone we need booked is booked and now I am starting to think about the decor and how I am going to walk up this hill in my dress! ;) We also did a little walkthrough of the property we will get married on! See photo below of me standing in THE spot we will marry!! (Everyone say a prayer right now that rain doesn’t even come close to happening!!)

STP-2-2 2.JPG

Finally, Some sneaks of our engagement session with Kristina Ross!!! Eeeeeek!

We are ENGAGED!!! | Our Wedding Update: Month 1

Whewwwww! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged something around here!! Blogging is one of those things (for me) that gets shoved away somewhere in the middle of client emails, editing, social media etc. BUT I really want to start again. AND with a wedding planning update! Want to make this a monthly thing. In this season, I want to do this for me. To keep track of all that God is doing and to remember this special time! Because it is so so sweet. I love calling Cody my fiancé! He is the most amazing and loving man, and I can't wait to be his wife!!!

SO - Cody & I got engaged on August 22nd. We were at my family’s bay house, and I was thinking we were there for a going away trip for my brother who just went into the army!! Days before this trip, I started to wake up every morning and did my hair and make up thinking that it was THE day! LOL Most days, it wasn’t the day. But then it was the happiest one of my entire life! Cody proposed on one knee as we were just leaving the house. I cried and said yes before he even asked! He gently reminded me that he needed to say some stuff  and put the ring on my finger ;) I was so shocked and overwhelmed with joy!!!

Now, we have been engaged for about a couple of weeks! And da da da daaaaaa!!!

 We are planning on a June 1st wedding

And I am kickstarting our planning process! Here’s what we have so far (the details you’ve all been waiting for!) :

- June 1st, 2019 we will marry in the mountains of Western North Carolina on a piece of land that has been in my family for generations, and that I spend my early childhood living on! (Every time I say that, I cry!) Here's a picture of the mountain view behind where we are aiming our ceremony spot to be!!

- outdoor ceremony. Tent reception. 

- Kristina Ross is our incredible photographer who we are bringing with us from Texas and both seriously adore! 

- Gourmet burger bar for dinner by the wonderful Farm Burger!

- we will be sharing a first look, but we won’t be writing our own vows #introverts ;)

- I made our own save-the-dates! Bride tip: since I know you all aren’t a wiz in photoshop (not saying I’m a wiz. Just been doing this a while!!), try purchasing a digital invitation suite from Etsy and print it through places like vista print or Moo!! Saves you some serious $$$$ 

- We booked our Montreal, Quebec Honeymoon!!!! Woooo! This city has so much French culture and I am pumped to visit a new part of Canada! We wanted something different than the typical tropical destination!

- Currently in the process of booking our rentals. (Tent, linens, tables, chairs, plates, flatware etc) We have a lot, since we aren’t at a venue! 

- Dress shopping appointments are made for later this month at Lovely Bride & Unbridaled! Eeeek! 

And finally, here is a general theme of florals and colors that we are going for:

That's all for now, folks :) Till next month!!!

Cabo 2018

Man, ya'll really love when I blog my trips!! I think I got a bazillion DM's about these Cabo photos. I definitely don't hate it, and I am so excited to finally share them! Sooooo here it is, my trip to Cabo through photos! For those asking where we stayed, it's called Grand Solmar! And it was beautiful! We went with the sweetest family, my parents life long friends, Richard and Amy and their kiddos! Needless to say, we had to do some family photos on the beach. I also shot some for my brother and his sweet girlfriend, Anna, since it was his senior trip! We had a blast! I wish Cody could have come, but he's in Mississippi for an internship currently! (I actually am rushing to type this so I can leave to get a plane to go see him for the weekend!!! :) )

I'm also headed to Banff next week, so you can look forward to those images in a blog post soon!! I am PUMPED! Eeek!

Katie & Thomas's Austin, TX Engagement Session at Mckinney Falls and East Austin Succulents

As you probably know, blogging has been slow lately BUT this is the first of a few blog posts in the next week or so! And I am SO excited to share this one!! One of my favorite engagement sessions to date!! Katie & Thomas are so fun and sweet. These Austin Aggies are getting married at Broken Arrow Ranch this November, and I can't wait to be back at this gorgeous venue!

For this session, we went to East Austin Succulents and then to on of my favorite spots in Austin : Mckinney Falls State Park!! Katie had the perfect dresses for both spots, and their portraits turned out so gorgeous!! I am pumped to shoot their wedding this fall!

A Texas At-Home Engagement Session Featured on the Overwhelmed Bride

I have been holding on to these images for WAY too long, but I am so excited to finally share Liz and Cooper's session with you all! Check out their feature on The Overwhelmed Bride! And read their sweet sweet engagement story below!


"Cooper kicked off the month of "engagement confusion" by throwing me multiple curve balls. Several times I was convinced we were getting engaged and he fooled me. One week before Thanksgiving Cooper asked me to reserve the following Tuesday for a nice dinner together. He told me to dress up so he could take me out for a nice meal. Of course, when Cooper picked me up I was prepared for a nice evening out, only to be met by the surprise of a bicycle ride across town, through Texas A&M's campus to Chipotle. Let's just say I was a little less than thrilled after a week of build up and excitement. After a couple of minutes of me trying to alter Cooper's bike riding plans, I finally gave in and hopped on a bike. We started to ride through Texas A&M's campus, where Cooper proceeded to stop at every. single. stop. Each time it was a different excuse: "I have low tires," "my seat is loose," and the list goes on... After multiple stops at different buildings and several bicycle "fix it" stations, he stopped at the final place: The Century Tree! I rode behind Cooper on my bicycle, where Cooper proceeded to tell me with a huge smile on his face, "you thought I was going to propose here didn't you?!"At this point I was so confused, and I said "no?!" We proceeded to go under the tree a second time and head to Chipotle. But this time I hear the bike's breaks screech, and Cooper fall off of his bike. It was so elaborate, I thought it was a joke. I told Cooper to get up so we could keep going. When he didn't get up, I got nervous and jumped off of my bike to go check on him. Just as I was bending down to talk to him, the lights in the tree came on and Cooper was on one knee. He sweetly asked me to marry him, and I said yes. Following the proposal Cooper had a home cooked meal waiting for us on the stairs of the Academic building. We ate, laughed, and dreamed of the days to come. Then he threw one last special surprise my way... my very best friends planned us a surprise engagement party at my home in College Station. We arrived home to find many of our dear friends, and all of our families waiting to celebrate with us. I could not have asked for a more perfect evening with my favorite person who I can't wait to spend forever with."

Photography: Shelby Tsika Photography | Venue: Studio 12 | Styling: Shelby Tsika Photography | Mugs: Target | Linens: World Market | Tableware: World Market | Submitted via: Matchology

The Greatest Matcha of All Time

It's no secret I love matcha. I've been getting matcha lattes since before they were cool. Way back in the day before I cut sugar, I used to get "green tea" (matcha) frappuchinos from Starbucks and they were the bomb. Now, I prefer my matcha hot and with cinnamon! The only place I get it cold is at True Food Kitchen... Their Matcha Horchata is heaven... ANYWAY - I have been attempting to make the perfect cup at home for a while now - and I finally did it!! And now I am sharing it with you! I have linked everything I use in the ingredients list. Enjoy!


1.5-2 cups Almond Milk (frothed with this milk frother)

3 TBSP Coconut Butter

1 tsp cerimonial grade Matcha Powder

2 TBSP Honey

1 tsp cinnamon

Top with a pinch of vanilla bean powder and cinnamon

First, I heat up the milk and coconut butter in a saucepan. I like to get it really hot, but not quite boiling! While that's happening, I put my honey, cinnamon, matcha and about a teaspoon of the warm almond  milk in my mug. I mix that all together well in the bottom of my mug with a fork!! (Those matcha whisks are too expensive and this works juuuuust fine for me!) 

Next, I pour my milk + coconut butter into a glass measuring bowl and froth it! Then I pour the frothed milk into my mug and froth that together to make sure the matcha is all mixed! 

I use a stick frother from world market, but I have linked one above from amazon!

I hope you enjoy!! 

Keely's Texas A&M Senior Session

Well, It's about that time for Aggie finals, and I know you seniors are pretty excited this is your last round!! I can't believe another school year is coming to a close. It is SO crazy. I have loved each of my spring 2018 seniors so much!!  

Miss Keely booked her senior photos with me a long time ago, and when it was finally time for her session, I felt like I already knew her! She has the sweetest heart for kids and is going to be a school teacher! She is as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside, and I just love her red hair!!! Campus was blooming like crazy, and it's just beautiful. Congrats, Keely, and all of my other Aggie Grads out there!! 

Emily & Kenton's Boho Home Session

Eeeek! I was thrilled when Emily asked me to photograph a home session for her and her husband, Kenton! These two cuties are moving pretty soon and wanted to document their first home together, and it is something special! This is not a styled shoot, just purely how cute their home actually is. I know, I know. I want Em to come decorate my house too!!! I am particularly smitten with their kitchen details. Check 'em out!

Kaitlyn | High School Senior

Sharing a special senior session with you all this morning! Cody's little sister, Kaitlyn, is graduating this June from El Campo High school, and I can't tell you how exciting it was to be able to take her senior photos! My own brother is graduating this year as well, and Cody and I are both just a little in shock at the fact that our siblings are old enough to graduate!! I guess this means we are officially old?! 

Kaitlyn, you are so beautiful and I am so excited to see all that you do at A&M! God has big plans for you!!

Kristen & Darrell's Houston, Texas Engagement Session

This engagement session... so FUN!!! I love exploring different areas of Herrmann Park in Houston, and it was just the perfect backdrop for these two. Their love is real and so evident in the way they treat each other! They are fun and silly... and Darrell is clearly excited for Kristen to have his last name!! (Scroll down to see!) Kristen and Darrell, you two were a blast to photograph, and I can't wait for your wedding this fall!! 

New Service | Brand Subscriptions

I have been keeping a secret... But I finally get to share it with you all today!!

I am seriously thrilled to announce that we are now offering BRAND SUBSCRIPTIONS to our wonderful brands we work with!! 

What does this mean?

Well, just like a subscription box, you will choose a plan that works best for you and pay monthly! You ship your products to me at the beginning of every month and get back beautifully styled images every time!! Updated monthly content? Yes please!!

But What are the plans like? 

We have plenty of options for you!! 

3 products per month

3 month subscription - 235 per month 

6 month subscription - 221 per month  (save 10%) 

12 month subscription - 208 per month (save 20%) 

5 products per month

3 month subscription - 325 per month 

6 month subscription - 302 per month  (save 10%) 

12 month subscription - 380 per month (save 20%) 

10 Products per month

3 month subscription - 550 per month 

6 month subscription - 505 per month (save 10%) 

12 month subscription - 460 per month (save 20%)

But what does the monthly fee include?

They include all of your digital images, a personalized online gallery, printing and digital rights, shoot customization, all styling materials, loose ingredients & props. With the exception of any materials that I cannot easily find at the store! If there are any special items you would like included in the photos, those must be shipped with your monthly package! 

Alright, sold. Where do I sign up?

Right here, friend. We can't wait to work with you!! Better get on it, though, because we can only take a limited amount of brands each month!!

Not quite sold... Tell me more about the process!

Once you pick your plan, we will send you a contract that covers the length of your plan. One contract. Automated monthly payments online. Easy peasy. Once you are all booked, I will send a questionnaire outlining your goals and visions to better serve you and your brand! Once we have a goal, you get to ship me your first box of goodies! The box must contain the products for ONE month, a shot list/any special instructions, and any special ingredients/items you may want me to style with that I cannot easily purchase at a grocery store. Once I receive your package, you will receive your images within 1 week! 

We are so excited about this new offering!! Our brands have been asking, so we are delivering!! 

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a brand subscription, please email shelby@shelbytsikaphotography.com with 'brand subscription' in the subject line!

She Plus Him Bartending | Colorful Cocktails

I seriously love what I do. My only job this day was to photograph the cutest cocktails for the sweetest souls. Taylor and Logan (The She and Him of She + Him Bartending) are the best and serious magicians when it comes to mixing up the most delicious and beautiful cocktails!! These two have big hearts for the Lord and have a passion that is so evident and it shines through their personalities and business! They run their little Austin-based business out of New York City while Taylor pursues acting! Can you say #girlboss?! 

If you are a bride, hire them NOW to make your cocktail hour one in a million times more special and unique!


Kyla & Caleb's Broken Arrow Ranch Wedding

What an incredibly beautiful and joyful day I am sharing on the blog this afternoon! Reliving this day brings my heart so much joy! Kyla & Caleb's winter wedding at Broken Arrow Ranch was so sweet in every way. It was centered in God's love, and there just aren't a lot of  people with more joy and gratefulness than Kyla and Caleb! 

This day was planned with love and intention and there were so many tiny touches that made this day special. One of my favorite's was Caleb's letters to kyla that he wrote throughout their engagement that he gave her on their wedding day! 

One of Kyla's childhood friends and bridesmaid is a June bride of mine, and it was so neat to be able to snap a photo with the both of them!! 

From their color scheme, florals, decor and venue... You can hardly get prettier! I am so thankful to have been a part in this wedding day. I cried so many happy tears with this family throughout it!!

Amazing vendors tagged below : 

Florals : Adrienne Adamson Designes 

Venue : Broken Arrow Ranch

HMU : Naturally Flawless

Tux : The Black Tux

Wedding Dress : VIP Bridal - Bryan TX

Bridal Shoes : Alex Marie

Second Shooter : Meredith Rainey


The Importance of an Engagement Session | Free guide For Brides & Photogs

Today I have a 100% FREE guide for all of you brides & wedding photogs out there! I say both, because this guide goes over all things Engagement Session! They are so important and vital to a brides wedding photography experience AND so important for photographers to implement them into their collections! Check it out below!! 

Get your free guide on engagement sessions!



Yauatcha | Upscale Chinese dining in Houston, complete with a Michelin Star

Houston peeps, if you haven't been to Yauatcha yet.. GO! The desserts, the dim sum, the cocktails...  It is so incredibly delicious! The Venison Puffs are my absolute favorite thing. 

This London based Michelin Star awarded restaurant has two locations in the US. Houston and Hawaii! To say we are lucky to have them here is an understatement :) I had a blast creating these gorgeous images for their brand. Enjoy!

Healthy Ice Cream Shakes | Banana Nut & Chocolate Chip


Okay, get your blenders ready and toss out your ice cream, because these delicious treats take their place perfectly! As an ice cream fanatic, I am aware this is a big claim. I myself make one of these close to once a day, and I never buy ice cream anymore! I absolutely cannot wait for you to try these healthy shakes out. Enjoy!


Banana Nut Shake


2 Frozen Bananas

About 1/2- 1 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk (Add in a little at a time to blender)

2 TBSP Honey

1 TSP Cinnamon

1/4 Cup of Walnuts


Blend together until smooth! I like to freeze my bananas overnight in a tupperware container :) This is a super important step, and adds the creamy texture to the shake!! 


Chocolate Chip Shake


2 Frozen Bananas

About 1/2- 1 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk (Add in a little at a time to blender)

2 TBSP Honey

1 TBSP unsweetened Cacao Powder (Sometimes I do 2 if I'm feeling a darker chocolate-y taste!)

2 TBSP Cacao nibs (what I use) or chocolate chips if you prefer!


Blend together until smooth! I like to freeze my bananas overnight in a tupperware container :) This is a super important step, and adds the creamy texture to the shake!! 

Summer & Hughesy's Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session

I am thrilled to share this sweet couple with you guys today! It is close too my heart in so many ways! I am from Western North Carolina, so to be shooting in Asheville was a DREAM come true. Most of you may not know this, but my dad played college golf, played professionally AND coached college golf back in the day. Brian (Hughesy to me and my dad) was on his team. I have known him since I was teeny tiny, and grew up around Hughesy and the whole golf team! He and my dad have stayed close friends ever since. Now he is marrying the most beautiful and sweet girl EVER! Summer is an answered prayer and the perfect match for Hughesy, and photographing this special time in their lives is such an honor! I absolutely cannot wait for their May wedding at the Twickenham House in North Carolina!!

Kyla | Broken Arrow Ranch Bridals

I am over the moon excited to share this sweet girl's bridal portraits tonight! Kyla and Caleb's wedding day was amazing, and I cannot wait to share that as well. For Kyla's bridals, we went to her beautiful venue, Broken Arrow Ranch! Also, how much do you guys La LA LOVE her bouquet by Adrienne Adamson?! She's a rockstar with florals!!  We had a bit of a windy day, but we made it work in her favor! MY favorite moment was when it hit Kyla's mom that her little girl was a BRIDE! Cue the tears!! These special moments are why I do this. Eeeeek Enjoy!

Jessica | Old Town Spring Bridals at Hochzeit Hall

Sharing a few of my favorites today from Jessica's classic, Old Town Spring bridal session! I just love everything about her look!!! Her and Jason's New Years eve wedding was a blast, and I am just so thrilled it is over so I can finally share this beautiful session with you all!